There is only one way a Stallion boot is made – by hand

It is the result of many hours of skilled craftsmanship rooted in the tradition of Western bootmaking. Stallion boots are a work of wearable art – only about 70 are made a week. Hand made boots are extremely comfortable and long-lasting. A mass-produced boot can never compete. The key to the fit is the hand-assembly and hand-lasting – a specialized skill learned over many years and mastered by only a few bootmakers.

Stallion master craftsmen take hold of the shape of the foot, which is called a last, take the leather while it is wet, pull it over the shape of the foot. No machine can ever handle all the little fine pulls and make it fit the same way. More than 140 steps go into creating a basic handcrafted boot and more than 200 when intricate patterns, inlays and materials are involved. The difference is noticeable immediately. At Stallion it is believed that a hand-made boot holds the essence of the person who is creating it.

Stallion’s intricate, stylish patterns come to life by combining top-quality materials sourced from around the world. Next to Stallion’s signature soft-tanned alligator and crocodile other leathers like calf, ostrich, lizard, stingray, kangaroo, various snakes, water buffalo and bison are used to make a Stallion boot. Stallion is – so far – the only company who uses fossilized walrus and mammoth ivory in their boots. It is carved into works of art in Bali before it is incorporated into Stallion’s boot designs. Upon request, Stallion performs custom designs and fittings.


Handmade Boot Maker
A highly specialized skill
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